Reply To: Unslinging help


well atm I just use plain winscp to copy the files, so its even SCP 😉
its slow, but I only add one a couple of tunes every once in a while, so its manageable.

ftp daemon is running too, i think.

Yes, the reason why OpenSlug is so much faster is that its not compatible with the Linksys OS. uNSLUng however, is 😉

And, yes, SMB is a resource hog. if you just want to copy some files onto the slug (likewise, music) ftp is a lot more suited than SMB.
SMB is horribly, horribly bloated.

Even plain windows 2K, or XP should be able to bind an FTP folder to the desktop via IEs favorites, imho. So that would work fine too.

If you desperatly want to have SMB, just ffs dont share any folders with more than 100 files and you should be fine.