Reply To: Unslinging help


I dont have SMB running on my slug, coz it tends to be very unstable when I access directories with a lot of files.
I preffer ssh or ftp anyway.

Other than that, my slug is rather stable. mt-daapd doesnt cause any problems, the startup on boot fails, though. My boot script used to work with older svn versions, donno if it has to do with my grown mp3 library, transcoding, or other mt-daapd changes.
The slug didnt change during all that.

Strangely enough, when I ssh into the slug, kill -9 all mt-daapd zombies and run the init script, it boots up fine.

What tremendously helped my NTFS performance was loading the right charset. Being from Austria I have a codepage 850 NTFS-formatted drive.
doing this:
bumped performance up a LOT.