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I am trying to use a 256MB memory stick as the second drive. When I went through the process of formatting through the web interface, the format of the drive (shown in the interface) went from FAT to “Not Formatted”. When I plugged the stick into an XP machine, it stated that the drive format was RAW, so I used disk manager to delete the partition and put a FAT partition back into the stick. To compound the problem, I am also a big time linux newbie. Matt

From one Linux newbie to another. I unslung my second NSLU2 to a 1GB memory stick in Disk 2 as I wanted to use it as a web server and for now don’t want to have a hard drive online 24/7. While the overall documentation for the unslung process is very good, the information on unslinging to a memory stick is not. I searched for days trying to understand the process. For me, when I got to the step of “hot plug the flash drive” in, the flash drive was formatted FAT and it would not format as EXT3. I found the answer that worked for me in a message on the Yahoo board. After hot plugging the flash drive in, I had to telnet in and run:


I was then able to format the flash stick as EXT3 and finish the unslinging process.

I am so happy with my web server that I may just ‘upgrade’ the flash stick to a 2GB or 4GB unit when I fill up the 1GB stick. By the way, thumbnails for images are the main culprit in wasting lots of flash disk space.