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I put the service profile in the services directory and restarted the avahi daemon and still no luck. (This is while at work.) While at home on the local network, everything works well, and I turned of the port forwarding on the router.

After I set up the ssh tunnel I can log into mt-daapd, so that part is working correctly also. So the problem is still avahi on the laptop while at work. Some interesting notes (all on the remote work network):
– When I use the avahi browser, I can see all the other itunes libraries and other mDNS services on the network.
– When I open Rhythmbox on the laptop (with its library sharing turned on) I see all the other iTunes libraries and other machines can see the one that Rbox is sharing.

So, I wonder if ubuntu/gnome put the avahi services files in another place than the /etc/avahi/services directory. Any other suggestions? – Hank