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@hankh95 wrote:

[email protected]:~$ ssh [email protected]#home.ip.address.# -L 3689:#home.ip.address.#:3689 -g
[email protected]#.home.ip.address.#’s password:
bind: Address already in use
Linux silmarillion 2.6.15-28-386 #1 PREEMPT Thu Feb 1 15:51:56 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux

That bind error has to be coming from your local machine. Doesn’t matter much, though, you can always pick a different address:

ssh [email protected] -L 9999:mt-daapd-server:3689

Then you don’t have to worry about collisions.

There is a firewall on the home network with port 3689 forwarded to the mt-daapd server. (So I do see the server at http://#home.ip.address.#:3689/status.html

Eeek! Don’t do that. Just leave your firewall all locked down. Instead, use the ssh tunnel to connect to the internal machine.

I don’t know how your network is set up. I imagine you have some kind of linux box running as a gateway. Maybe a dedicated machine running a full linux distro, maybe an embedded device like a wrt54g or something.. whatever. Doesn’t matter. Let’s call the outside IP address We’ll call the inside interface In addition, you have a separate mt-daapd server, right? At or something?

Right now, you say you have a firewall rule on the gateway machine that inbound nats anything to 3689 on the outside interface to 3689 on, right?

I’m saying don’t do that. Instead, from work, do:

ssh [email protected] -L 9999:

Then when you do


from your machine at work, you should get the admin page. Then just set up proxy mdns for _daap._tcp on localhost:9999 using mDNSPosixProxy or avahi.

— Ron