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I just downloaded svn-1400 a few days ago. I set it up without a problem, and now I’m transcoding my OGG and FLAC collection over my home network from an Ubuntu server to my Powerbook with iTunes 7. Thanks for a useful and simple tool!

I’m revisiting this thread because I’m experiencing the same problems with SSH tunneling. I’m trying to access my home share from work. I can set up the SSH tunnel without a problem. I can telnet and http to the local port at work and see firefly as a web server. I think the mdns stuff works, using any of avahi-publish, mDNSProxyResponder, or Network Beacon. The share appears in iTunes and in Banshee (but not in Rhythmbox). But when I click on the share, I get errors. I get the “-3260” error on iTunes and some kind of “Can’t Connect” exception in Banshee.

I feel like I’m missing one bit of magic. Can it be a firewall problem, even if telnet and http work? Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong? By any chance, is there some good command-line daap client that offers really verbose debug information? That would be a useful diagnostic tool. In a similar vein, perhaps there could be some way to test the connection from within the web-based administrative interface — some sort of “download test song” button. Or would that not prove anything?