Reply To: DAAP tunneling.. halfway there.. Help!


Ok.. well… this is a little bit strange, but quite fun…

As I have understood it, you need to tunnel the DAAP protocol from you’re home machine to the local computer (I can be way of here).

However, what I discovered was that nothing worked for me.. So I thought I should take a look at the actuall network traffic.
What happened was that as soon as I started capture packages (setting the NIC in promiscuous mode) everything just worked. Without any tunnel, only having the Rendevous Proxy pointing directly to my home computer is popped up in iTunes =)

Maybe this is the way it is supposed to work and my computer is screwed up and only work as it should in promiscuous mode.. Anyhow.. just felt that I needed to update the post with it =)

(It still doesn’t work in standard mode) 🙁