Reply To: Help installing firefly on a MIPS Linkstation


@g0pkh wrote:

Hi all.

Currently I use an NSLU2 for running firefly and mt-daapd.

I have a spare linkstation (MIPS) which I would like to experiment with.
However I do not really know how to get started.

I am very new to Linux, and installation on NSLU2 is a breeze with IPKG, but the Linkstation, I understand needs to have firefly “Built” for it.

I have already installed the openlink firmware and development tools on my LS (from, but now I am at a loss of the actual steps I need to take, and why.

What files do I need (source files etc), and where can I get them ?
How do I “Build” the package, what utilities do I use and how ?
How to deal with common problems that are like ly to occur ?
What pitfalls to be aware of ?

Questions, questions, questions 😆

I would very much appreciate it if someone could guide me through the process of installing firefly, and the steps I need to take.
I am really doing this because I want to learn more about these processes, as I said I do already use NSLU2’s for my servers, but just want to learn the differences.

Although I am new to linux, I can find my way around the file system, use VI etc. 🙂



I don’t have a LS2, but this thread talks about installing openlink on the linkstation.

— Ron