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@bedrock wrote:

Hi Ron,

I’ve finally got my backside in gear and setup SVN, and done a checkout, i’ve used your for depenencies so far, but i am having problems building the code from SVN, specificaly around sqlite stuff

mt-daapsrcdb-sql-sqlite3.c(99) : warning C4013: 'db_sqlite3_set_error' undefined; assuming extern returning int
mt-daapsrcdb-sql-sqlite3.c(117) : error C2371: 'db_sqlite3_set_error' : redefinition; different basic types

I assume i’ve missed something from the howto: build win32 guide, but i don’t know what 🙁

any pointers?

as soon as i get an SVN build of all the binaries in there output location i’ll start on some WiX code 🙂


Ah, crap. Right now you’ll have to take sqlite3.c out of the project. Svn is moderately broken at this point. Everything compiles on osx, but I haven’t verified it working on windows, so there might be some breakage. Not sure.

I’m thiiiiis close to starting work on the win32 side though.

If you wanted to work on that, though, the file locations and whatnot are all going to be the same as an earlier build. So you could do a checkout (svn switch) to -r1586 and build from that. that builds cleanly (modulo some warnings), and you’ll have a project in the same “shape” as what svn will be soonish.

— Ron