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Reply To: HOWTO: Win32 Compilation



Hi Ron,

I’ve finally got my backside in gear and setup SVN, and done a checkout, i’ve used your for depenencies so far, but i am having problems building the code from SVN, specificaly around sqlite stuff

mt-daapsrcdb-sql-sqlite3.c(99) : warning C4013: 'db_sqlite3_set_error' undefined; assuming extern returning int
mt-daapsrcdb-sql-sqlite3.c(117) : error C2371: 'db_sqlite3_set_error' : redefinition; different basic types

I assume i’ve missed something from the howto: build win32 guide, but i don’t know what 🙁

any pointers?

as soon as i get an SVN build of all the binaries in there output location i’ll start on some WiX code 🙂