Reply To: 1311 – permanent rescan and hang issue


OK, some more news. I checked again. Indeed it is reproducable. I mean both. But I don’t think it can be solved by a longer timeout. Let me describe exactly:

1. drive down
2. switch on SB
3. browse (takes some time)
4. select track
5. it takes roughly 10 seconds for SB top respond it doesn’t wok
6. play next wil work
7. switch off
8. last served song will resist and keeps Firefly to rescan
9. the problems are connected. If it doesn’t hang, it will not stay

I tried to reproduce it with -d9 or so, but then it worked. It then also worked without -d something, so I guess it needs to be sent to sleep for a longer time. Let me try tonight and we see in some hours. I love those bugs that appear only from time to time…