Reply To: 1311 – permanent rescan and hang issue


Hi Ron,

Maybe, but there are other times where that doesn’t work. If the db is on the spun-down drive (like I have) then it causes problems just connecting, and that can’t be solved on the server side.

I double checked but the db is on a ever running disc. That’s the reason why I can browse immediately. But when it comes to serving, the access to the mp3 will take its extra 3-5 seconds. Here the Soundbridge is too fast giving up.

I was hoping the protocol will go like this:

1. Soundbridge->Server: gimme that thing
2. Server->Soundbridge: just wait a bit, it’s coming
3. wait
4. Server->streaming

If this isn’t working, I guess the timeout of the Soundbridge is slightly too short.

Was that through daap or rsp, and was it transcoded or not transcoded? I’d like to follow up on that.

It was rsp, serving an ordinary mp3 file. I will check whether this is can be reproduced and report back.

CU Carsten.