Reply To: 1311 – permanent rescan and hang issue


@schiers wrote:

1. hang issue

Assume the discs are down. When I now swiitch on the Soundbridge, it will
be able to browse. Selecting a song results in a waiting time (correct, the
discs need to spin on), but then it says it’s unable to play. I guess a
timeout has fired. Do you know which timeout? Firefly or Roku? Couldn’t
we handle this somehow, by sending silence or whatever?

Maybe, but there are other times where that doesn’t work. If the db is on the spun-down drive (like I have) then it causes problems just connecting, and that can’t be solved on the server side.

2. rescan

I noticed that when I switched off the Soundbridge during playback of a
song that Firefly continues to rescan, althouh no client should be present.
I noticed that the connection I switched off is stll mentioned on the
status page.

Was that through daap or rsp, and was it transcoded or not transcoded? I’d like to follow up on that.

Isn’t there a kind of timeout to shut down a client that shows no activity? If the client socket is shut down, then it should return immediately. That’s breakage on my side.

P.S.: Shall I crosspost to Roku Forum, or are they reading here, too?

The timeout issue might be reasonable to report over there. I’ll point someone over at this thread, though, so they can take a look at the whole thing. Thanks.

— Ron