Reply To: Help getting started, please?


Well, I installed the version from the nightlies section and it still crashed. I did update the config file as you said….here is the latest log report I got;

Log file: firefly.log

2006-07-25 09:14:20 (a1832be5): Starting with debuglevel 0
2006-07-25 09:14:20 (a1832be5): Starting rendezvous daemon
2006-07-25 09:14:20 (a1832be5): Initializing database
2006-07-25 09:14:26 (a1832be5): Starting web server from C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serveradmin-root on port 9999
2006-07-25 09:14:31 (a1832be5): Registering rendezvous names
2006-07-25 09:14:31 (a1832be5): Serving 3316 songs. Startup complete in 11 seconds
2006-07-25 09:14:31 (a1832be5): Rescanning database

Things were a bit different this time.
1. The log file says only 3316 songs, the directory it is looking at has over 10,000?
2. It seemed to be fine until I started up the Soundbridge. The Soundbridge saw the Firefly media server, then it crashed again?

Any thoughts?