Reply To: Help getting started, please?


All my files are .mp3, so perhaps it crashed before the scan was complete? Anyway, I never touched the config file…..this is what the log says from this morning when I started it up;

Log file: firefly.log

2006-07-25 : Starting with debuglevel 0
2006-07-25 : Starting rendezvous daemon
2006-07-25 : Can’t get db version. New database?
2006-07-25 : Initializing database
2006-07-25 : Starting web server from c:program filesfirefly media serveradmin-root on port 9999
2006-07-25 : Registering rendezvous names
2006-07-25 : Scanned 4133 songs in 31 seconds
2006-07-25 : Rescanning database

Anything jump out at you?

thanks so much for the help