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@shoboat90 wrote:

I installed the Firefly for Windows and I actually saw the Firefly Media Server on my Soundbridge. However, everything that is in my music folder was not available on the Soundbridge? How do I fix this?

It takes it a while to add all the songs to the database, so you might see only a subset of the songs you actually have. Also, only .mp3 and .m4a files get indexed by default. If you have wma, you have to edit the configuration so that it indexes wma file.

But that’s going to be problematic because of…

Then….I encountered the following:
Firefly Service has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Did you edit the config file? If the config file is borked, then it won’t start. You can look at the log file (using the log tab on the tray applet) to see what the logfile says. Hopefully (*crosses fingers*) it says something helpful.

If not, go to a dos prompt and do:

c:>cd program filesfirefly media server
c:program filesfirefly media server>firefly -d9 -f

It will spew out a bunch of junk. At some point it will crash. the last screenful of debug messages would be helpful to figuring out what’s up. (probably a song it doesn’t like).

So, once I have the service running….then I’m good to go, I guess? I still don’t get how iTunes figures into this then?

Yeah, assuming the service starts running — but we have to get there, first. 🙂

— Ron