Reply To: Firefly setup with Musica Audio server


Musica (Olives.Inc) same as Hifidelio wireless MC( is an audio server with 160g HD ,4-autosening ethernet ports+ 54g wireless, it uses UPnP a/v & Bonjour protocols. Without config iTunes and Firefly show up on Musica, it imports Firefly’s library & iTunes library & plays ,
mp3, or Aiff,or wav’s. The problem Musica’s library except for 3 or 4
mp3 for test are all Flac . What I want to do is use Firefly to serve wav’s
to iTunes for playback only. Musica supports playback/record
in mp3, wav,aiff, pcm, and flac. The web browser only supports creating
playlist & changing meta data only, there is also a telnet option but i dont have the updated sw, Also I update firefly to 1301, i used windows add/remove, should i have just deleted the entire firefly folder cause now
i can’t acess the admin pg to config. also i read some where that the musica will serve roku SB with very little config. Tks , Tks