Reply To: Firefly setup with Musica Audio server


@mabritton wrote:

I recently got a musica server ,was considering trying to return but came across Firefly ,the problem all stored music in Flac ,unable to play in winamp, foobar, etc, got Firefly up and running saw on the forum that i
needed 1300 , so i uninstalled firefly thru windows,installed new version
now can’t ip to conf menu, also i read the transcoding how to on wiki but i
don’t understand how to add the addtional scripts, where do i put them.
What do I need to do ,firefly (before the new install )shows up it iTunes,
Firefly shows up on Musica, songs in its db will play on both pc & audio server. How to I setup Firefly to server Itunes with waves converted from the Flac files stored in Musica. please help tks in advance

Can you actually see the files on the musica? Can you mount the musica library as a drive letter or something?

I’m asking because I don’t know how the device works, and can’t really find much information on the net about what features it has.