Reply To: 1311 on NSLU2


@richo132 wrote:

After playing with other projects for a while I have revisited this issue.
At first I had trouble getting my Slug to run Firefly at all –
mt-daapd.log had hundreds of “Error statting: No such file or directory”
I believe this was because the iTunes XML file was out of synch with the MP3 dir.

yup, that’s almost certainly it.

So, for now, I’ve renamed the XML file.
In the process of sorting that out, I noticed that I had a songs.gdb file hanging around so I removed that as well.
After a reboot, the Slug has been running faultlessly for over 5hrs now…
Does this give any indication of the root cause ?

Dunno, but there have been a bunch of performance issues fixed since 1311. Mine is noticably snappier, and reindexes faster than it has in a long time.

Might just be related to that. I’d be interested to hear if you have any continued problems.

My slug has been running for 2 days, having served 70 songs. Prior to upgrading to latest nightlies (for testing, really, not because it was broken) I had almost 700 songs served, and it had been up several weeks.

So it’s definitely getting more stable… at least with *my* usage patterns.