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@Charly86 wrote:

Why we do that, beause we (or some of us) don’t want artists of a compilation displayed when we’re browsing by artists. Also this solution has some unwanted effect because the search function is altered because we need to know if artist is part of a compilation or not to setup search based on artist name or title (concat_compilation).

I posted to the roku forum this:

There are several things coming post-1.0 that I’m anxious to start work on, one of them is related to this. Everyone has different theories of what the “perfect” tagging system is, or wants to have methods of hacking tags to be able to display them in the manner they most want. I’m going to work on a plugin infrastructure to allow userspace tag management — before an item is posted into the database, it will get handed off to a plugin to be potentially modified. I’m going to make a s-lang plugin so you can write your own retagging scripts in s-lang so you can tag stuff the way you want to tag it. That way I don’t have to have a million different flags for mangling tags a million different ways.

As far as the browsing, the rsp stuff should allow browsing by *any* field. I want to work with the roku guys to allow browses on any field, not just on the 5 they do now. So if you want to browse on “genre”, then you can. In any case, with those two features implemented, I think that would satisfy everyones desires about the perfect tagging/browsing system.

Now, I just have to do it. Lol. 🙂