Reply To: Compilations Feature Idea


I think we all agree that we need to use the compilation TAG. In fact, we’d like to have all of us different way to handle display on client side.
What I’m sure is that setting Artist to “Various Artists” in the database is “A solution” that on my side seems to be a “patch solution”

Why we do that, beause we (or some of us) don’t want artists of a compilation displayed when we’re browsing by artists. Also this solution has some unwanted effect because the search function is altered because we need to know if artist is part of a compilation or not to setup search based on artist name or title (concat_compilation).

So what make sense to me, is to have the database fully filled with correct tag (artist name and not “various artist”) and change the query that return results to client. That’s the use of the compilation tag and flag in the database.

Also, I already wrote this, firefly is the best server version I tested. But as we have a forum to discuss about it, I just put on it some ideas. I think open source has this possibility, so I may ask and dream for an ultimate compilation solution.

Have a nice day, and thank’s for your great job Ron.