Reply To: Vorbis 20011231 (1.0 rc3) encoded files crash Firefly-win32


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I’m a bit new to firefly and not sure what direction to head in figuring this out, so forgive me if this is covered elsewhere. I have over a thousand ogg-vorbis files which are encoded with the 20011231 (1.0 rc3). Anytime any one of these files is transcoded by the Win32 build of Firefly (using the svn-1301 build), the Firefly service promptly crashes with an error in avcodec.dll. As a note of interest, all of the files encoded with that vorbis build have their upper and lower bitrates “not set,” at least according to any vorbis info viewer (i.e., in Winamp). Is there something I’m overlooking? Is this just a bug of some sort? Is there anything I can do, short of reencoding all 1000+ files (which, I’m sure you can imagine, I’d rather not do 😀 )? Thanks in advance!

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