Reply To: How close to a stable version of Firefly for NSLU2 ?


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Well, the title say’s it all really.

I am currently running mt-daapd on a SLUG as my main music server.
However with all the new changes, I was wondering how close you are to a stable version of firefly for the slug.

I do have a nightly version running on a test slug, but only really want to update my main one with a full stable version 🙂

Great server..


Hard to say. I think the currently nightly is pretty stable. Stable enough that I think they are going to get released as a stable release for mac and windows soon (a week?)

I may hold off until I finish some of the db stuff I want to do to do a stable 1.0 release.

Although I might call that 1.1 to avoid confusion with the windows and mac release. If that makes sense.