Reply To: NSLU2 Question


@macollin wrote:

-I currently have a 200GB external hard drive reasonably full of songs. It is formatted as NTFS. I have been reading the documentation on this site and others and found that the NSLU2 does support NTFS with the new firmware. Should I go this route? Or reformat as EXT3? Are there speed implications going with one versus the other?

Mine is ext3, and my understanding is that NTFS formatted drives are slow. Might not be a problem though. One could always try it and see.

-If I do go the NTFS route, should I also purchase a USB flash drive for mt-daap?

I’m assuming this would be for unslung? Yeah. If you can unsling it to a flash drive, it will be considerably faster.

-I rip all of my music with iTunes. iTunes places all of my music in Artist/Album folders. Will this be OK for the NSLU2, or should all of my music be in one folder?

That’ll work okay.. That’s how mine are — I rsync them to my slug.

— Ron