Reply To: Linkstation Installation Crashes


@mlomker wrote:

The steps you need to go through:

1) Fresh Openlink install
2) Install the development tools
3) Install the 0.2.1 binary package (mipsel-hdlan dir on ftp site)
4) Create a symbolic link for ‘sort’ to busybox.
5) Download the 0.2.5 package from the Nightlies page and compile it.
6) Copy the 0.2.5 binary of mt-daapd over the old 0.2.1 binary.
7) Configure mt-daapd.conf as normal.

Sure, it looks so easy when you put it that way…

Thanks for the help — I got it up and running this morning. Reinstalling the firmware (again) seemed to be the key.

Thanks again,