Reply To: Linkstation Installation Crashes



I just set up my LS2 last week so I can probably be some help here! If you want to run the the older mt-daapd (0.2.5) then you’re just a few steps away. If you want to run the Nightlies then it’s going to take some serious time on your part (it requires a full debian install and the install process is bug-ridden and not for the faint of heart right now). I have it running but life will be a lot better when a version of Freelink is released for the LS2, which I know that someone is currently working on.

BTW, the Kurobox stuff is for the PPC processor and won’t work on the LS2 which is mipsel.

The steps you need to go through:

1) Fresh Openlink install
2) Install the development tools
3) Install the 0.2.1 binary package (mipsel-hdlan dir on ftp site)
4) Create a symbolic link for ‘sort’ to busybox.
5) Download the 0.2.5 package from the Nightlies page and compile it.
6) Copy the 0.2.5 binary of mt-daapd over the old 0.2.1 binary.
7) Configure mt-daapd.conf as normal.

FTP site for devel_tools and 0.2.1:
Link regarding ‘sort’ problem:
Nightlies Page: