Reply To: Server Stops on its own while scaning files


@blaket wrote:

i dont think that i have to many i might have a few that are an hour or two long. being recordings of live stuff

Probably a song it crashes while trying to scan.

In your start menu group for firefly, you have an option called “Debug Mode”. Run that, then look at your log file (program filesfirefly media serverfirefly.log). It probably says a lot of stuff like “Found mp3 file: blah blah.mp3”, then a bunch of details. My guess is the last entry says “Found mp3 file: blah blah blah”, and maybe something about a codec, then nothing.

If that’s the case, the last file it mentions is causing it a problem. Remove the file (mailing it to [email protected], so I can find out why it crashed and fix it in the future) and start it again, and it will probably scan to completion.

— Ron