Reply To: mt-daap + howl on NetBSD-current


I was having problems with the built-in mDNS registration: I could see traffic between the mt-daapd server (NetBSD) and the client (Mac Mini) on the daap port but the shared music would not show up in iTunes on the Mac.

The traffic I saw was over IPv6, so it could be some sort of an issue with multiple IP addresses. I have a couple of IPv4 addresses on the server as well as an IPv6 address.

I had used howl and daapd before (but daapd is not stable, and does not work with Front Row), so I decided to try howl with mt-daapd. Works just fine for me. The traffic is all IPv4, so I might be just reaping the benefits of a bug or “feature” of howl not supporting IPv6…

I installed net/howl from pkgsrc and added a couple of lines to the Makefile of mt-daapd from pkgsrc-wip.

After GNU_CONFIGURE=yes I added these lines:


The second line is a bit hackish, but it works…

Before the include statement for ../../mk/ I added this line:

.include “../../net/howl/”

Builds and works fine. I’m not using the -m switch to mt-daapd and the status page reports Rendezvous as Running.