Reply To: mt-daap + howl on NetBSD-current


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Nothing shown in iTunes … 🙁

I’ll continue reading the documentation and making some tests …
I’ve noticed that *it* should work 😀 So I’ll find the solution …

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One way to troubleshoot might be to set up howl to advertise _daap._tcp manually. If you do that, it should pop up in iTunes, even if you dont’ have an iTunes server (or mt-daapd) running. Then you know the mdns part is working.

Until that works, mt-daapd won’t work either (as far as showing up in iTunes).

Might be worth checking to see if you have a firewall set up — mdns uses multicast, so sometimes even if you think you firewall is permissive, sometimes you miss the address, which is the address mdns uses.

Good luck.