Reply To: mt-daap + howl on NetBSD-current


@KlinT wrote:

Hi All,

Well, I’m trying to setup mt-daapd under netbsd 3.99.18 ( -current ) and I experience some problems making it working …

I’d just like to know if somebody successfully make mt-daapd running under NetBSD ?

In my case, I suspect a mDNSResponder/Howl configuration issue but this is later question 😀

Juste for information,
SERVER: NetBSD 3.99.18 :
– howl 1.0.0 installed from pkgsrc
– mt-daapd 2.0.4 installed from tarball
– MacOSX 10.4.7/iTunes 4.0.6
– WinXP SP2/iTunes 4.0.6

Right now I can access the “mt-daapd admin page” from my browser
But, Status page reports “RendezVous | Stopped”
clic on “Start mDNS Server” has no effects 🙁
And howl is running …

So, If you success in setting up mt-daapd under NetBSD … I’d be happy to have some info or feedback to be able to continue my setup 😀

Many thanks


i think it *is* working. The “stopped” thing is inaccurate, i believe.

Does it show up in iTunes?