Reply To: Music skips within album


I am currently running another test with the same music that revealed the problem from my original post. So far, everything is running fine.

Since then I have observed the following:

1. I used to have two servers named “Music Server” show up on my Soundbridge M500.

2. Since I renamed “Music Server” to “Firefly Music Server” I only see that one.

3. There has been a reboot for installation of the latest Microsoft security fixes.

My conclusion is that everything was very intermittent and may not recurr again.

Perhaps the dual music server processes arose from launching Firefly both as the Administrator and as a non-privileged user on my Windows XP Pro box. However, I don’t remember exactly what the sequence of events was.

I’ll return to this post should I find even the trace of a smoking gun.

Dominik Hoffmann