Reply To: mDNS settings?


@Tester22 wrote:

I want to be able to change the settings of mDNS so that I can broadcast other ports on my embeded system.
Since it doesn’t seem like it is possible to run two instances of mDNS at the same time I am planning to make som changes in the code used by Firefly.

Where should I change this (in what files) and what need to be changed?
I am using a Linkstation with the latest Firefly build.

You’ll want to use an external mdns responder then, like howl. Then you can advertise other stuff, and have firefly use the existing daemon.

Or, you can install the apple mdns responder and use that as the external mdns. Either way.

To use howl, just configure with –enable-howl. I don’t actually have a configure switch for the external apple mdns, though, now that I think of it.

I’ll have to add that.

— Ron