Reply To: svn-1303 – thinks it is a new database on startup?


@Ted Harper wrote:

As I said, it was running svn-1281 previously and working fine, and I kept the same config file (answered N to the prompt during the ipkg install), and it definitely seems to be happy, just hopefully a cosmetic issue on startup? Any ideas Ron? Any other NSLU2 people seeing this after the same nightly version update?

yeah, I noticed that too… a bug in the upgrade from db version 9 to db version 10.

You can manually fix it by doing something like:

sqlite /path/to/db
sqlite> insert into config values ('version','','10')
sqlite> .quit

On the next nightly I’ll put defensive code in there for that, didn’t get around to it this version. Probably if there is no version marker it should probably force a full rescan & table creation.