Reply To: mt-daapd 1281: soundbridge vs. Rhythmbox


@indridi wrote:

Streaming transcoded files to rhythmbox also doesn’t work with svn-1333. This might also be a rhythmbox bug, but I post here the debug output from rhythmbox, stating that it either can’t determine the length of the stream or the type.

For the first thing, the problem seems to be that rhythmbox won’t play .wav files. The problem there is that I can’t tell a rhythmbox client from an iTunes client, because they claim to be iTunes. So I don’t know whether to send the data as ogg or .wav, but since they claim to be iTunes, I can’t send it as .ogg.

Without some way to tell that it really isn’t an iTunes client, I can’t do anything but send it as a wav file.

For the second thing, I’m not sure what that’s about. The server says it’s an audio/wav format, so I’m not sure what else they would need to determine audio file content.

Bottom line is that both of these problems seem to be insoluble on this end.

— Ron