Reply To: mt-daapd 1281: soundbridge vs. Rhythmbox


@indridi wrote:

I’ve been using mt-daapd for a while now, 1249 (an 1281 since 5 minutes) has been working fine with my brand new roku soundbridge (the gadget I have always wanted). Former issues with ogg files not being indexed seem to be solved.

The soundbridge won’t play my ogg files unless I configure mt-daapd to transcode them. On my laptop, I use Rhythmbox, which doesn’t play ogg files when they are transcoded, but does fine when they are streamed directly. I realize this is probably a issue with Rhythmbox, but if anyone in these forums can help me on this, I would be very thankful.


If you can tell me what the user-agent is for rhythmbox, I’ll fix it.

— Ron