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@zoxxo wrote:

It’s funny how having the wrong path name can screw-up a script. The script now runs and so does Firefly. I had to jump through some hoops to get the config script configured (I’m doing everything from a Windows machine), but I am now able to access my music on the slug. My next two steps are to get all of my music on to the slug hard drive and then to import my iTunes playlists over to Firefly.

One last question, how does one access the web interface for Firefly? It would make administration so much easier for me.

Thanks for all your help!


It’s just http://server:port, where port is the port number you chose in the config file (defaults to 3689). Default password is “mt-daapd”, any username works.

If it complains about not being able to write the config, chown the config file to the “run_as” user in the config. That will make it writable.

— Ron