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I just picked up a SB1001 yesterday and I’m loving it! I’m unclear about how internet radio playlists work. I added .url to the file type in mt-daapd.conf and created various .url files, like:

128,Radiostreamer Blues,

I then made a .m3u file and edited it a couple of times, once with relative paths and once with absolute paths–I’m still not sure what is meant by “unixly” since *nixes can use absolute or relative paths.

Anyway, the SB can see the playlist, but when I try to access an internet radio station in the list, it reports that it can’t play that type of file. However, if I enter the station url as a preset via the web interface, it plays fine. What am I doing wrong?

SB 1001, with updates

Thanks much!

That looks to be a firmware issue on the sb side. I’m working with RokuMike though to find out what’s going on there and see if it can be fixed on my side. Sure looks like a firmware thing to me, though. We’ll see.