Reply To: 1281 & compilation grouping


Hiya. Just finished a full rebuild (deleted the database file; took 5min rather than 3 hours – crazy!) but the compilation files aren’t being adjusted on load.

I used the web interface to change the settings and it looks like this in the config file:

truncate = 1
logfile = firefly.log
debuglevel = 5
password =

plugin_dir = C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serverplugins
plugins = rsp.dll,w32-event.dll,ssc-ffmpeg.dll,ssc-wma.dll
concat_compilations = 1

Here’s a partial dump from the database. It’s definitely picking up the compilation flag but not doing anything with it.

sqlite> select title,artist from songs where compilation=1 and title like 'O%';
Overjoyed|Stevie Wonder
Orange Crush|Editors
One|Johnny Cash
Out Of Space|The Prodigy
Oh My Gosh|Basement Jaxx

What should I try next?