Reply To: 1281 & compilation grouping


Hiya. Sorry for the long delay, I’ve been away. Just upgraded to the latest releases over the last week.

What sort of black magic’s happened to make it run so fast?!? It canes the CPU a bit, but I can live with that for a 400sec full build on 13000 files when the files are on a network share.

The “Various Artists” issue remains the same. To be more clear, I’m talking about the “Group Compilations” (concat_compilations) flag. I’ve got the flag set to 1 in the config file and but am not getting albums showing up under “Various Artists” as expected.

I turned on D9 and had a look at the queries and they don’t seem to be trying to filter based on compilations at that point. Is the compilation processing done at build time so that the database entry “looks” different? I’ve just done a full rebuild for 1359 and that hasn’t made a difference.

I’ve checked the database and the information appears to be accurate (compilation=1 on the songs I expect it to be).

I’m running 1359 on windows with iTunes 6.0.4.