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I will be asking for a small help. I have installed svn 909(kind of, can’t tell exactly as I forgot) on my nslu2 which is running openslug 2.7.
Everthing runs very well. The problem starts whenever I want to change the location of mp3 directory. The daap server doesn’t seem to run.

To be more clearer, I have 3 partitions on my hard drive connected with the nslu2. Partitioned as sda1(ext3-linux with rootfs), sda2(linux-swap), sda3(ext3-linux). As the mt daapd is installed on sda1, In the begining , I have created the mp3 directory on it. And everything ran well. But as it was a small partition for mp3 with the rootfs inside it, I wanted to shift the mp3 directory in the larger one(sda3). It’s been mounted as /opt1/mp3.
Since I have changed the location of mp3 directory in mt-daapd.conf(/opt1/mp3),
The server don’t seem to start at all.I can’t access the webpage or can’t access through itunes. But when ever I change it to my first position on partition 1, it runs without trouble. For the permission etc on the mp3 directory on larger partition sda3, everything seems ok and i also run my apache server based on the same directory(on sda3) for streaming music on web.

What should I do?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks from a newcomer,

Try adding a logfile in your config file, and setting loglevel to 5 or so. Watch the log generated and see if that gives you any help.

You might try getting rid of your songs.db also, as that will make it do a foreground scan, which is faster.