Reply To: does mt-daap support big5 Traditional Chinese id3 tag??


@wilson_chan0913 wrote:

So, we need to convert the tag info. of mp3 from big5 to utf8 or unicode no matter it is id3v1 or id3v2, right??? And now due to mt-daapd treated the big5 as latin1 and caused the gargabe song info showed in iTune client on PC.

itunes/mac only supports unicode tags, however, itunes/win32 supports both big5 and unicode if you installed itunes in a traditional chinese winxp.

You can use an itunes/win32 to “convert ID3 tags” to convert your id3 tags to unicode tags, because itunes automatically converts big5 tags to unicode tags when it changes id3 versions (ex. 2.3->2.4)

If you change all your songs to 2.4 and then change back to 2.3, you can make sure that all your songs have id3v2.3 unicode tags.