Reply To: XBMC 2006-06-18 does not dispay music served by svn 1281


@marlowe wrote:

I am running mt-daapd svn 1281 on a Linksys NSLU2 running Unslung 6.x. I can see the music and my smart playlists in iTunes running on Windows 2000. However when I attempt to view my music on my XBMC running the 2006-06-18 release, I can only see the smart playlists. The playlists however are empty.

After doing some research on the forums, I attempted the empty_strings=1 hack. This didn’t change any results. I also started to attempt to isolate the culprit down to a particular song, however no song yielded a working solution.

Where else can I look to determine the problem’s cause and/or what further information can I provide?


I’ve got a single song that someone forwarded me that makes xbmc not work, and I need to look at it to find out why, but it will be post-1.0, which I keep hoping is right around the corner. 🙁