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I have tried to install Firefly on my Mac G5 and when I open it up in System Preferences it just comes up with “Checking Firefly status” and the Start Firefly button is Greyed out. I have left it for ages and it just won’t stop. I have tried reinstalling and it still does the same. I installed on the same version of Tiger at work and it worked straight away. What is going on? First I got sold a Soundbridge saying that it works with iTunes and now the server they told me to use doesn’t work for me either! HELP PLEASE!!

That probably means it is doing its initial scan. Let it run for a while and see what it does.

You can also open Activity Monitor and see if you see two firefly processes. That should be the server. If it’s running, you should be good — it’s trying to index the music.

You could also check the log file. It should be in ~/Library/Application Support/Firefly/firefly.log. See what that says. It should show that it is scanning music. If it shows an error, that’s what to check and report back here.

– Ron