Reply To: "mDNS Error -65537" ?


@rpedde wrote:

– Apple’s mDNSResponder 108:

It’s not integrated into configure, but the rend-w32 target is actually mdns_sd.h, and will work with an external apple mdns.

– Howl 1.0.0

You’d do –enable-howl as part of your config, and that would do it.

but no Avahi as of yet. If you have to choose which one and why? Is there documentation about how to use mDNSResponder/Howl/Avahi with mt-daapd somewhere?

I’d choose howl, as it seems like everything that uses mdns works with howl.

Ok, I installed howl through pkgsrc which was easy enough and now am recompiling mt-daapd!

I was just thinking “why didn’t I do this before” and I thought now let’s use howl to announce my AFP shares as well so I looked up howl at porchdog software and then I came across this:


Maybe you DO want to have the –enable-bonjour configure switch….