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Ok, but that wasn’t my question….

There is no state stored with regard to the mdns responder.

Anyway, what’s wrong with Apple zeroconf implementation. Is it the license?

Yup, it’s aspl, which is not free enough to keep it out of debian, etc. By now though, mdns isn’t strange anymore, and is in all the main distros and stuff, so there is no real reason to bundle it anymore.

What version of Bonjour is used in mt-daapd?

Pretty old, and thats probably part of the problem, but it’s kind of a pain to integrate a new version in.

If i would want to use howl/avahi/bonjour as a separate library is it a matter of installing the packages and telling mt-daapd to us that?


– Apple’s mDNSResponder 108:

It’s not integrated into configure, but the rend-w32 target is actually mdns_sd.h, and will work with an external apple mdns.

– Howl 1.0.0

You’d do –enable-howl as part of your config, and that would do it.

but no Avahi as of yet. If you have to choose which one and why? Is there documentation about how to use mDNSResponder/Howl/Avahi with mt-daapd somewhere?

I’d choose howl, as it seems like everything that uses mdns works with howl.

P.S. Did you see my email about trac ticket spam?

Gack. No, I’ve been away from email for a while.