Reply To: "mDNS Error -65537" ?


And now I am digging through my memory….

I remember that a while ago I was playing around with enabling only one “media” namely UTP because these cards also have an AUI connector which is some kind of network connector that clearly didn’t make it. The annoing thing was that my dmesg was filled by messages that le0 could not get a signal on UTP and it was switching to AUI to try that and vice versa several times a second or minute.

Anyway I couldn’t figure out how to set the medium properly so I ended up disabling the le0 altogether as I wasn’t using it anyway. So now the hme0 is the only one that tries to get a dhcp ip address.

Could that be the change that did it?

I can re-enable the le0 dhcp lookup and see if it makes a difference?

If it doesn’t is there anything I should look for to wipe so the mDNS starts with a clean slate? (if that makes sense)