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Did you suddenly become multihomed?

Connected to multiple networks you mean?

No? The box has one NIC and it is only on my LAN.

-65537 is the “unknown error” error.

Usually it’s because it has a hard time finding the interface, or something like that. Nothing has changed with the interface? new kind? different drivers? Nothing like that?

I said before the box only has one NIC. That is not entirely true. It has one le: 10 Mbps AMD 7990 Lance ethernet and one hme: 100 Mbps full-duplex “Happy Meal” ethernet.

Now the way these ethernet interfaces are assigned a MAC address is a bit funny because the MAC address is stored in a ROM and both of the ethernet interfaces get the same MAC address. Because of this you can never use them on the same network.

Now I don’t think I ever used the le and always kept to the “happy meal” but what if I accidently changed that could that have an effect like this?

I checked and only the happy meal is used right now.

Are there rendezvous settings stored somewhere that would get out of wack when you change the NIC (with the same MAC)?