Reply To: "mDNS Error -65537" ?


@Patrekur wrote:


I am getting the following error in the mt-daapd.log file:

“mDNS Error -65537”

mt-daapd seems to run fine but it does not show up in iTunes. If you type in the URL for the mt-daapd webconfig that works fine and in fact tells me that the status of Bonjour is “Stopped”.

This happened on the latest trunk revision (r1281) and I also reverted back to earlier version that worked fine in the past (r1208 and r994).

So I’m thinking this might have some other cause. I did change recently from two Music directories to one but even throwing out the the songs database doesn’t help. So for now I am stumped.

This is on NetBSD/sparc 3.0

Any ideas?

Did you suddenly become multihomed?