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Well, to answer part of my own previous posting, 0.2.5 seems to work fine with iTunes 6.0.5 now that I’ve had a chance to download and install it (from the nightlies page:

I also find myself in the position that I can’t duplicate the “not working” behavior of 0.2.4. Neither can anyone else, either, apparently, as nobody has complained.

To be fair, I didn’t actually try 0.2.4 with 6.0.5. I downloaded and built 0.2.4 but as I was about to install it I ran across comments about 6.0.5 and then went straight to 0.2.5 (once I found it on the nightlies page), which worked fine.

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WRT to upgrading to nightlies, the dependencies you need are libid3tag (still), and sqlite 2.x or 3.x (2.x seems more stable).

Like mlomker (above), I ran into problems trying to load sqlite (3, iirc), but that was quite a while back. I may investigate debian-izing my Linkstation (and mt-daapd) as I’d love to ultimately be able to update mt-daapd by just doing an “apt-get upgrade”…