Reply To: iTunes 6.0.5 and mt-daapd 0.2.4


@lemketron wrote:

Dang, I just finished fetching 0.2.4 and re-building it on my LinkStation to use with iTunes, and then I discover that 0.2.4 won’t work with 6.0.5. (I lived with the previous 6.0.4 breakage since the Soundbridge was still working, but was hoping to resolve that today).

Well, to answer part of my own previous posting, 0.2.5 seems to work fine with iTunes 6.0.5 now that I’ve had a chance to download and install it (from the nightlies page:

I’m still interesting in a transition guide from 0.2.x to latest-nightly; perhaps I should ask that in the Nightlies forum… (and some sort of installable package for the Linkstation would be nice too; maybe I can help with that at some point).